Although history is unclear, we can still see that there will be a giant Buddha in the future through the clue that Zao Fu’s giant Buddha has contacted Lin Chong and Zao Fu.

Lin Chong saw the possibility that the giant Buddha broke through this world and soared to the sky with rainbow. He couldn’t help mumbling to himself in astonishment, "… life god … spiritual roots?" !”
The chaotic history has made Lin Chong lose his judgment.
He turned to 74.
I’m afraid of the future possibility described by Lin Chong.
If the spiritual Buddha also has the possibility of joining hands all day
So what is the baby God in the earthly egg at the moment?
A double yellow egg?
Earth language … Did it help life and create another God?
"Have we got the fruit of the physical world?"
What is the root fruit? Roots and fruits are everything.
It can turn all possibility allowed by rule into reality.
For example, when Lin Chong’s Shenzhou boundary wrote about the early inheritance of Kunlun Xianzong,
Because there are twenty-four immortals and twenty-four avenues hidden in Shenzhou boundary, although there is no real tradition, the inside story is enough for Lin Chong to write Kunlun root magic such as Kunlun immortal root method.
Only the Shenzhou boundary is born with 24 secrets, so it breeds soil.
If Lin Chong had penetrated into the physical world, he would have been eaten as food even if he couldn’t write a hair.
It is also a trend to cultivate the’ spiritual flesh Buddha’ in the earth’s literary and physical world, and to help the flesh fairy complete the evolution of the food chain through the rules of life, heavenly roots and fruits in this world.
The spiritual flesh Buddha does not belong to the Kunlun immortals, and the imperial envoys will also eat the Terran.
If the spiritual Buddha also has the possibility of enlightenment and harmony.
What about all the fruits without roots before the reign of the Kunlun immortals?
This argument has plunged the countermeasure team into a philosophical speculation, but after all, it is the wisdom of the body that has suddenly changed from the philosophical thinking mode of’ have it’ to the war thinking mode of’ what can we get’
"First of all, we have to get the coordinates of life day. If we can get the theory, it is a spiritual Buddha or a great love.
The original coordinate should be obtained from the young God, and now there is a possibility that a spiritual Buddha will soar to life, which means that our chances of success are doubled, which is a favorable situation.
Next time, we must ensure that we don’t lose the Taoist school. If we must, we can lose the Taoist school, but we can’t lose the Taoist school.
In the end, if we can successfully get the achievements of the botulinum Taoist Kunlun immortals, Jin Xian Avenue is an unexpected gain. "
Chapter six hundred and twenty-six Soul Buddha back door
Barren land
It’s a huge desert in the physical world.
The area is about three times the largest desert on earth, about 30 million square kilometers. The vast yellow sand is a Jedi.
Tracing back to the history of the barren desert, this place was formed 100,000 years ago. I wish you a glimpse of the most powerful demon race in the physical world. The candle cathode in the Shenzhou world is similar, so it can be judged that this place was formed 100,000 years ago, and the demon race was extinct.
At this moment, Lin Chong set foot on the rolling yellow sand and bent down to twist up a grain of sand. At noon, the sun shone brightly. This grain of sand took Lin Chong to leap for 100,000 years and saw the word titled Great Sage Candle dragon …
Candle dragon is the demon emperor of this world, with a length of more than a thousand miles, and this barren desert used to be a paradise with rich water plants and beautiful heaven and earth. After that, Candle dragon was eaten and died by meat immortals. Candle dragon’s blood destroyed this world, and the yellow sand entrusted Candle dragon with the most vicious curse.
Your race will also be swallowed by bones and meat!’
"This curse of yours has really come true," Lin Chongyang said to Candle dragon 100,000 years ago with the grain of sand in his hand.