After that, I moved on, but I was a little hurried behind me! "Then you hate me?"

Los feather paused and scurried for two steps across the big bluestone, silently looking at the north wind and cirrus clouds, and his face was bitter and faint, and he replied, "Never."
Liu Bing coagulation a listen to doubt for a moment came near by the big bluestone silently looking at overlooking the north Luoyu.
It may be that Lu Bingning was a little flustered and Luo Yu coughed lightly. Is it "I don’t know if Elder Martial Sister Lu wants something …?"
Liu Bing setting a listen to surprised way "oh? ! Teacher Luo, please say. "
Obviously, she didn’t expect Luo Yu to have something. Please, she agreed to come without thinking! It was quite a surprise to see her so readily respond to Luo Yu.
Seeing that he sighed and lowered his head, he was depressed. "I heard that the patriarch has a good wine,’ Green Bamboo’, which can get rid of the pain and sorrow in his heart. Luo wants to get drunk, but all kinds of things have come together. From now on, I hope to tell martial sister Lu that if I can get green bamboo wine?"
When Luo Yu talked about getting drunk and getting married, there was a faint glittering in her eyes.
Liu Bing’s gaze at the heart is also a sigh tunnel.’ He may feel that he wants to get drunk and drown his sorrows.’ Bamboo’ wine is a bit … I hope he can forget the past once he wakes up …’
Mind dispute has been settled. It’s rare for Liu Bingning to be gentle and say, "Bamboo", I can send you for a while. It’s such an alcoholic mortal that you can’t drink too much or seven holes will bleed to death! Teacher younger brother, it’s best to enter the gas refining period first, and then slowly drink the cultivation recipe to get twice the result with half the effort. "
With that, Liu Bing got up and left, apparently to find the bamboo wine.
"Thank you, Elder Martial Sister Lu"
Looking away, Elder Martial Sister Lu, at this moment, Luo Yu is a bit sad, and there is a snicker in that stratagem.
In the evening, the west crane returns to the pool pavilion and the candlelight is swaying in the soft shadow of the bamboo house.
Looking at the table with a bottle of green bamboo wine, Luo Yu was very excited. Now everything is ready for his "prison break" plan! Give this wine to Elder Liu in the dead of night, and it will definitely make you drunk! At that time, I will dive to the back of the mountain and escape from the sky without anyone knowing!
Although my heart is very excited at the moment, after all, it’s still early and I have to wait patiently. As the saying goes, he still understands the truth that small pains make great plans.
In a blink of an eye, it’s not far from his small bamboo house. It’s winding for about twenty feet. It’s almost the same time. He pushed the door of the house to see the dark window curtain of the Tibetan Pavilion opposite, and the candlelight lit up slowly!
See this feather andao "it happens! Not the kui is a "Liu Rada" I just pushed the door and he found out! Fortunately, I was prepared today. If I was caught by him, I would be hanged by an old pine tree … Tonight, I will let your old radar fail and wait for the life to die! "
Thinking about Luo Yu, he walked to the Tibetan Pavilion until he got near. He adjusted his breath slightly and then respectfully asked, "Can Elder Liu?"
Luo Yu finished waiting outside the door.
Soon the house will come. Elder Liu is gentle and slightly smiling. "Is it Luo Yu? Come in. "
Los feather a listen to heart did Sarah laugh’ look at this Mr Head in a good mood today, so it is more convenient to act on your own’
Thought of this feather pushed the door and pushed in.
When I entered the house, I came to see Elder Liu sitting cross-legged in meditation. It’s not surprising that Luo Yu saw such a scene. He didn’t bother to put the bamboo wine on the console table.
Seeing Elder Liu slowly open his eyes, when he saw the bamboo wine placed in the case, his eyes flashed and disappeared, and his face was easy-going and smiling.
See Luo Yu to salute the elder Liu waved, "Come on, if I remember correctly, this is the first time that you have come to the old lady? Go ahead. What is it? "
Elder Liu said and looked thoughtfully at the console table with bamboo wine.
Luo Yu saw this, which can make him think much, so he smiled with a full face of affection. "Back to the elder, the teacher elder sister Lu sent a pot of wine to Xiao Yang today … saying it was’ green bamboo’ …"
Liu elders a listen to smile way "oh? Ivylinna Lee is good to you … What? You said’ green bamboo’? "
Looking at a full face of surprise, Elder Liu Luoyu is very happy in his heart. At this moment, he is even more sure that he will succeed in escaping today.
Seeing that Elder Liu is staring at the green bamboo wine and the Adam’s apple is squirming, seeing that Elder Liu is already’ thirsty’, how can Luo Yu miss such an opportunity?
He hurriedly strike while the iron is hot, saying, "It’s’ bamboo’ … I think that the elder has taught his younger brother how to take care of him at ordinary times, and I have been painstakingly thanking him. Now I have this wine as a gift for the elder to taste."
Said the feather will be the’ bamboo’ wine pushed forward.
At this moment, Elder Liu has obviously questioned what Luo Yu said, "Is this really a’ green bamboo’?"