When Lu Chen saw this thing, the communication was just a little rough and direct.

He blasted out of the godforsaken land with one punch, and the creatures there could see that Liu Huan, trapped in front of the huge hole, turned into a cone-shaped blood fog and spread.
Krasnier was stunned. The natural disaster shrank. His tentacles felt a little numb. He had just been slapped by Lu Chen, and it still hurt faintly.
Chuhang is also a linguist. There are still so many people watching Liu Xiong here. Pay attention to the influence. Do you want to be so bloody and violent?
Liu Chen is unpreparedness to lock a prescription in his budo eye in the blood fog after Liu Huan punched and exploded.
He killed the monarch, drew the sword, locked the cause and effect, reversed the cause and effect, and everyone in Gankun was shocked. Liu Huan’s body actually lived together and finally turned into a gray substance, which evolved into a gray finger in Lu Chen’s hand.
The finger sea emits gray fog, which makes a sizzling sound when it touches Lu Chen’s overflowing blood.
"This is the world nuclear?"
Lu Chen smiled and squeezed with interest. He could feel that there are great forces such as time, cause and effect in China, and it is a complex combination. When the ministries converge, there will be a new synonym, that is, the source of the world.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-nine How to sashimi?
People have been stunned by the abandonment of the land, especially the natural disaster Amir.
He looked across the huge hole and found that the heavens and the earth had cleared everything to join the war, and the mysterious fairy was erased with one knife, which had the power to destroy the world.
Recalling Lu Chen’s slap in the face before him made the natural disasters feel a little shudder.
The man looked back and stopped his body through the huge hole, which made him feel numb with scalp.
What happened?
Will there be such a powerful monster in his universe?
Before the ancient gods were eliminated, he also felt the abnormal side. It was not his heart that the ancient gods lived and died, because they could not fight for the multiverse. He just transformed those gods when the multiverse merged.
But in the end, the natural disaster, Yamir, never dreamed that this side of the universe could actually appear beyond the magnitude of the universe.
At this time, the man in the mysterious world is there, and the breath makes the world unstable. A lot of cracks extend in the universe, which is about to collapse, showing that the root method inherits the power of the man in black.
This is the power behind! ?
Lu Chen’s soul swept through the mysterious world and turned over all ghosts. This side of the universe is very small, but its energy level is very high. There are no vast stars, but some scattered stars are dotted.
Where there is "life", there are feet. On this side of the mainland, ghosts and ghosts, Lu Chen, have all been removed, and the pure land has been re-transformed. Because the environment is livable, the original life will probably be born in a few years.
He stepped back and walked through the huge hole. Because of the undisguised breath, a large number of cracks also extended from the Luchen center in the pan-universe of old gods.
Liu Chen frowned. "It’s too weak."
He waved to the final natural disaster, "Come here."
The strong people who abandoned the land gaped at Lu Chen’s bossing about the final natural disaster. Who is the final natural disaster?
In the end, there was no movement of natural disasters. Lu Chen was very dissatisfied. "Anyway, I have done experiments. If I don’t cooperate, I will hack to death and think about it."
As he stepped towards the final natural disaster, his feet seemed to be cut off, and no one could see what was going on. The final natural disaster had already been grasped by Lu Chen.
Seeing that Lu Chen’s method is poor and big, it is comparable to the size of a star. Lu Chen’s hands are like a cuttlefish.
"You! ….. Wait where are you from! ?”
In the end, the natural disaster finally came back to the gods and looked at Lu Chen. Many of his defense measures were effective, and the universe was no longer punished.
It’s not that Lu Chen’s dusk effect is exerted, but the will of the universe, even if it is dead, is not so stupid. It "saw" Lu Chen ravage the other side of the universe with a higher energy level, and of course it will not continue to fall into the sky and cut itself off.
The will of the universe is to seek peace and expand, so it will choose the final natural disasters. This way, the will of the universe represents that the world is stronger now, and the final natural disasters are all caught as cuttlefish. What else can it do if it is pinched?
Lu Chen will eventually be a natural disaster in his hands, and he can’t escape from his Wuzhishan because the strength gap is too big
Nowadays, Lu Chen’s basic attributes are not only overwhelmed by the ultimate natural disaster, but his soul is even more outrageous. With the talent of breaking sinners, his soul’s lethality and flexibility have been greatly increased
"Qi Shengwang … you are quick to accept the photo. People can’t stand it."
The former Holy King Fang shouted that too many people had fainted because of Lu Chen’s reckless release of breath, and his high blood and high fever made the whole continent look like a stove.