He was thinking about the collusion between Tianwu Demon Emperor and Foot Demon Emperor, and he just caught him and killed him, which was a help to Butterfly Moon in the form.

Just a brainwave will take out the two heads as a gift.
But at this time, listening to the three tigers complaining behind him, he gradually calmed down and realized that it seemed really inappropriate to send the head …
At this time, I listened to Butterfly Moon’s faint voice and said, "I was just joking with you. If you don’t send gifts, you can also …"
Su Mo heard a burst of embarrassment.
Maybe he will show a little green before the butterfly moon.
But Butterfly Moon paused, her tone softened a little, and added, "It would be the best gift if you could come."
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and thirty-four The only emperor
Who is Butterfly Moon?
The wild world is the most powerful emperor in 3,000 worlds, which is called the closest to the great and powerful by Lin Zhan!
Since nine days, Xuan Nv the Great, Jiuyou the Great, and the Three Thousand Boundaries, have such amazing ancient and modern women been born?
Butterflies are born weak and far less than Terrans.
However, it is the emergence of Butterfly Moon that has changed the status of butterfly clan!
Stepping into the real world attracted the lowest level of five or nine days, and then it broke the fate and became the most powerful emperor in the three thousand realms!
She has been strange all her life!
But now, the world’s top girl is saying touching words to Su Mo.
Don’t say that the three tigers have never seen this side of Butterfly Moon, even though they have been following Butterfly Moon for many years.
"Let’s go and leave them alone."
Qingqing said, "We haven’t seen each other for many years and I don’t know how much we have to say."
The tiger seems to think of something and winks at it. "Talking is secondary. It is the most important thing to enter the bridal chamber early …"
"Who wants this shameless thing all day like you!"
Qingqing glared at the tiger and pulled his ear out of the valley.
"Come and sit down"
Butterfly month sat bluestone patted around a cheerfully said
The three tigers retreated, leaving only two of them in the valley.
Looking at the bluestone butterfly moon, Su Mo feels as if he has returned to the butterfly moon road in Pingyang town during that time.
Butterfly Moon was also sitting on a piece of bluestone.
But he never had a chance to sit beside Butterfly Moon.
At that time, Butterfly Moon was always lukewarm to him, rarely smiled, and often helped him practice in a violent way …
Even if he is allowed to pass, he may not dare to go forward.
The gap between them is too big.
Now Su Mo’s body moves to Qingshi and sits next to Butterfly Moon.
Butterfly eyes flashed a different color.
"It’s really different."
Butterfly month looked at Su Mocai carefully. "You seem to be not afraid of me at all."
Few people in the whole world dare to get close to Butterfly Moon, let alone sit next to her.
Su Mo looked at the butterfly in the near distance, and an adventurous and bold idea suddenly rose in his heart, and his heart could not control his pounding.
Butterfly Moon noticed Su Mo’s abnormal look and asked, "What do you think?"
Su Mo took a deep breath and got up the courage. Suddenly, he stretched out his palm and caught it softly toward Butterfly Moon.
Butterfly month slightly raised his eyebrows but did not dodge.
So let Su Mo hold her hand.
Soft, slender, smooth as jelly and with a touch of warmth.
Su Mo’s grip is a little tight, which seems to be afraid that Butterfly Moon will leave again.
Butterfly month didn’t break free, but smiled and saw Su Mo’s way, "Su Er Gong Dan is really getting bigger and bigger."
Su Mo is holding Butterfly Moon tightly and not talking with a smile.
Butterfly month pointed to the nearby two demon emperor head slightly confused.
Su Mo said, "The demon emperor of Tianwu has betrayed the Eastern Wilderness. Because we caught these two and tried to kill me, I killed them conveniently."
Su Mo spoke casually, but Butterfly Moon heard some unusual information.
Can kill two demon emperors?
"You fix …"
Butterfly month god know budo statue swept frowning slightly "emperor? Hmm … it’s not quite like what you practice? "
Butterfly Moon is really fierce, and it can be seen at a glance that Wudaozun is different in practicing Taoism.
Su Mo said, "I told you that my achievements were not limited to this martial art, but I created the method."
"Even if all the people have no spiritual roots, they can practice martial arts and change their lives. Everyone is like a dragon!"
Butterfly Moon’s eyes flush with a touch of extraordinary splendour and a little appreciation.
"I’m not as brave as this."
Butterfly Moon nodded and praised, "You have walked out of your own way and you can still go this far."