So it seems that most of the demons, evil emperors and others have destroyed the holy land.

Even the black man in the ruins of the bloody sea may all be Form One!
"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma …"
Su Mo’s mind suddenly flashed out of the once-shadowy underworld, and seeing it in the six abyss seemed to devour everything.
"Samsara Lord!"
Sue ink a careful thought of a possibility in my heart.
Pondering over a little Sumo, he asked, "Is the so-called holy Lord the meaning of the holy land or the realm of saints?"
"It’s short for Holy Land Lord"
Lin Mengzun said, "But all the saints in the realm of the Lord are saints. The strong in this realm are titled the Great Sage!"
"When the road of life is completely integrated, it will not be divided into each other. This is the secret road of eternal life for saints, and the saints will not die."
"Even if the saint is beaten to death, he can still come back to the peak with the help of the avenue."
Sue ink secretly nodded.
Until now, he didn’t really understand the mystery of eternal life.
The incarnation avenue can achieve immortality by achieving the holy position!
"Great Sage?"
Su mo asked again
Lin Mengzun replied, "It is said that the Great Sage has the power to destroy the Tao! The method of striving for saints will completely kill the other side, and the other side of the road will still be reborn if it is destroyed by insufficient manpower. "
"But the Great Sage has the power to destroy the Avenue!"
Su Mo suddenly
That is to say, it is convenient for the Great Sage to erase the other party’s fusion avenue from heaven and earth.
The sage lives forever, but Shou Yuan is not immortal!
And once the Great Sage was a Great Sage and had the manpower to kill the Great Sage!
Having cultivated to this state, it can be said that it is the highest peak of the three realms. Did they trigger a great turmoil that swept through the three realms because of such a fierce conflict?
If what he expected is correct, the nine celestial masters who established heaven should all be saints from his five holy places.
The real purpose is to block the return of the devil, the evil emperor and others to the world.
Is it that the demon Lord, the evil emperor and others have fallen and fallen, and the five saints in the world have not come to wipe them out completely?
There are still many doubts about this matter.
But Lin Meng statue of the strong at this level has been out of touch.
"How did you step into the sacred land in Gankun’s map of nature?"
Sumo asked
Lin Mengzun said, "The map of Gankun’s nature is, after all, a sacred object with its limitations. Even if it contains Gankun, it can be regarded as a grain of dust in the three thousand worlds."
"There are three thousand avenues in it, but it is possible to return to the world if you want to integrate the complete avenue."
Su Mo thoughtfully remained silent and thoughtful.