Kamikaze said, "At present, it seems that the team of Yan County King swallowed Xie Qingcheng after ten people, and there are at most more than 60 Yan County King Youlie Xuan to help the overall strength and jade smoke monarch. Their chances of winning are not small."

Shenyan said, "Actually, winning the seal in the end is not to see the overall strength of that team, but which team can ensure that the king of his county wins the seal of Lingxia first."
"This will add several variables to the war of seizing India."
"Jiong County King has Song Ce to help Feng County King, Luo Yang Tianxian to help Yu County King, Yue Hai to help and powerful Tianhuang County King. They are all possible."
"God crane, guess who it is?"
Five people turned to look at the silence these days.
"I don’t know"
God crane fairy slightly shook his head absently replied, eyes still staring at the lake seems to be looking forward to something.
God crane fairy look a change!
Chapter two thousand five hundred and ten You die!
God crane fairy spirits, pointing to the blood evil spirit lake exclaimed a.
His five true immortals turned to look, and their eyes froze and changed color slightly!
See the bloody lake in the center of the ancient city as if it were slowly rotated by a mysterious traction to form a huge vortex!
The six true immortals have a commanding gaze, and you can see a looming figure sitting in the depths of the lake at the center of this huge vortex!
It’s Sumo!
It’s not surprising that six true immortals knew Su Mo was not dead.
What really shook the minds of the six true immortals was that he spent nearly a month in the Soviet ink and blood lake in the exploration of his gods. Instead of being damaged, he was much stronger than before
"He … seems to be breaking through?"
"Oh my god, what chance did he get at the bottom of the lake? In just 30 days, he actually got this far! Does he want to break through to the seventh-order fairy? "
"This breakthrough has made such a big noise and triggered the whole bloody lake!"
The faces of the six true immortals are covered with incredible colors.
I can’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes!
God crane fairy was the first to slow down and accept this reality. The corners of his mouth slightly became warped and he smiled lightly. "This war of seizing India seems to be interesting again."
"You just asked me who would take Lingxia’s seal. I’ve already chosen someone."
The words sound just fell deep in the lake, and the surge of Su Mo’s breath has broken some barriers!
Seventh-order fairy!
In less than 30 days, Sumo Tianyuan has risen to a new level!
This kind of cultivation speed is strongly shocked even if the six true immortals see it!
At this time, the figure in the depths of the lake suddenly looked up as if it could look in the direction of the six true immortals through heavy blood fog.
Pause for a moment before you look back, continue to pranayama and absorb the vitality around you to stabilize the realm.
"This …"
The Six True Immortals glances at each other with indecision.
"Did he just look at us?" God rainbow eyes over incredible color asked.
"Don’t … he found us?"
He five people also can’t believe that have the same confusion.
How is that possible?
They are really immortal and strong, hiding in the depths of the blood fog in the shura battlefield, and their highest body is far beyond the scope that the immortal gods can explore.
Sumo is a seventh-order fairy who can perceive their position?
After a long time, God Crane Fairy woke up with a smile and said, "God Rainbow should take out the list of predicted days and give people a change of position."
"Ah, yes!"
Shenhong suddenly gathered the real elements of the forecast list at his fingertips but stood still and asked, "How many should we rank now?"
"The tenth is definitely not appropriate."
"Yes, this sixth-order fairy can rank tenth now, and now the seventh-order fairy …"
"Don’t line up too high either. I suggest we take a steady look at his methods."
"Ranked seventh?"
"The seventh can be lined up like this first!"
The six true immortals discussed how to raise Su Mo from the end of the list of predicted days to the seventh place in the top ten of the list of days, and pushed the original seventh Yue Haitian fairy to the first place.
The movement in the bloody lake also attracted the attention of seven teams.
However, their knowledge of gods is far better than that of true fairies, and they don’t know what is going on when they explore the bottom of the lake by natural methods.
"I know!"
At this time, a flash of light flashed in the mind of the king of Xingyan County. "This situation should be a sign that the bridge on the other side will appear!"
Many monks gave me a glimpse.
Yan county king sneer at a pie mouth, "just think about this kind of thing and you will know it!"
The king of Xingyan County was returned and looked a little ugly.
His six teams are the weakest compared with him.