At this time, the Japanese command neutral see Shang Wen, Hei Muzhen, two famous teachers around a big table. It’s nearly four o’clock in the morning, and they still haven’t slept to discuss the war after dawn!
At this time, there was a violent gun outside the headquarters, and then the ground shook violently and saw that Shangwen’s face changed!
This is the sound of mortar explosion. He has fought with the Chinese Revolutionary Army many times, and naturally he can tell the explosion of various shells. If it is far away from the front battlefield, the mortar range will not be here!
Li Jian Shang Wen shouted, "Be careful that the revolutionary army has sneaked into the forest, and the position of our headquarters has been exposed!"
I saw that Shangwen’s voice did not fall, but two violent explosions came over and the headquarters shook even more!
It’s clear that Shangwen has been completely convinced that it’s definitely a revolutionary army that sneaked in at night, and it’s so accurate that I’m afraid it could be the dragon that sees the head but does not see the tail, Cang Lang!
Li Jian saw Shang Wen yelling, "No, it’s too dangerous here. The headquarters will move immediately!"
They immediately took action and saw that the senior generals such as Shangwen Heimuzhen took the lead in coming out. At this time, the guns outside had already sounded into a piece of Japanese troops shooting constantly!
Zheng Feng saw twenty Japanese soldiers coming out of the headquarters, and the big opportunity came!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-three Tragic sneak attack
Not far away, hiding in the bushes, Zheng Feng saw Li Jian, Shang Wen and others pouring out and rejoicing in his heart. This is the time!
Zheng Feng took the lead in throwing two grenades at the headquarters!
The same is true of Cang Lang where he lurks. More than ten grenades have been thrown into the small area surrounded by huge stones at the headquarters!
A violent explosion enveloped the outside of the headquarters to see Shangwen and others. Seeing Shangwen heard the broken sound, he looked up and saw a dozen black things flying in his direction to detain the dead!
Li Jian saw Shang Wen desperately hiding in the corner and roared, "Be careful of the sneak attack!"
His generals and staff officers also felt that something was wrong and quickly dodged.
A burst of explosions sounded around them, and twenty people were directly lifted by the explosion air billow!
Soon, Shang Wen got up from the ground and shouted, "Somebody fight back!" Others are totally embarassed to get up, but at this time, several people have been directly killed and several others have been injured!
Heimuzhen’s shoulder was wounded by Grenade shrapnel, and blood gushed!
At this time, the Japanese guards around shot around! Scatter the surrounding trees and rocks everywhere!
Not far away, Zheng Feng gave a shake!
******! Damn it, it didn’t blow up correctly!
But now I think so much. If I don’t kill a few heavyweight generals, if I don’t kill Li Jian Shangwen, it means that the Japanese army will not retreat!
At this time, Zheng Feng put the submachine gun in his hand and swept it toward the surface!
His four brothers are also carrying submachine guns and shooting hard!
Chug chug!
The dense bomb swept past Li Jian Shangwen and others!
Li Jian saw that Shang Wen escaped the Grenade explosion safely, but he couldn’t escape the dense bomb again. He suddenly rushed to the body and had at least three rounds of ejection into his body!
One side of the black wooden frame would have JiYan will see ShangWen severely hit the side around the staff officers hurriedly come over to cover them up S.
At this time, the Japanese firepower became more fierce, and hundreds of people shot hard around together with heavy machine guns. At this time, Zheng Feng and others were too busy.
They will never give up their troops unless they give a devastating blow to the Japanese command!
Zheng Feng roar loud will waist with more than ten grenades department threw out the whole Japanese command dozens of grenades violent explosion flattened the Japanese casualties!
But the price is also to pay the Japanese crazy heavy machine gun fire before Zheng Feng and other people so attack where they still hide from heavy machine guns.
Zheng Feng is still good. His shoulders and abdomen were all hit by bullets. At this time, there is only one Cang Lang left, three dead and one injured!
At this moment, Zheng Feng’s eyes sparkled with a flame of revenge, and he did not care about anything. The submachine gun in his hand fought back desperately until the waist magazine department hit this time. Another Cang Lang grabbed it and held Zheng Feng back. "Brother Zheng, let’s finish the withdrawal!"
But at this time, Zheng Feng has finished his madness, and the submachine gun in his hand was smashed aside and the megalithic submachine gun was scrapped immediately.
Zheng Feng grabbed one side of the Cang Lang submachine gun and jumped up to the mountain. The submachine gun bomb was flagrantly sprayed towards the side!
It is the Japanese firepower that is now in full swing, so it is profitable to charge in the rain!
Zheng Feng only advanced five or six meters, and he was already hit by several bullets. He fell to one side again. Cang Lang tiger roared and jumped to see him. At this time, Zheng Feng actually struggled to stand up with a submachine gun and roared back. "Get out!"
The submachine gun in his hand was thrown back by him with all his strength, and his body rolled away in the distance …
Another comrade-in-arms wants to save Zheng Feng’s body, which is obviously impossible. The tiger’s eyes are full of tears and only his own way is left. You must never die here!
Cang Lang touched a handful of tears and made an emergency retreat toward the rear. At this time, the Japanese army descended and fired fiercely at the same time
At this time, a gun rang in the distance and a shell fell accurately! Just fall into the Japanese crowd and blow the Japanese army all around to pieces, while the Ministry lies in place to avoid the shells!
Then the submachine gun bullets strafed in the distance and saw Zheng Biqing. Three of his Cang Lang had already caught up and grabbed Zheng Feng’s body and retreated toward the rear!
Zheng Biqing looked at the crowd and roared, "Withdraw immediately and withdraw this revenge. Let’s report it another day!"
When the smoke cleared, the Japanese headquarters had already become a mess, which was too bad. Seeing that Shangwen’s experience saved them and hurt them, he accurately judged the mortar sound, but he didn’t expect that this was Cang Lang’s attempt to lead them out of the hole to suspect. All the people fell into Cang Lang and dug a trap. The whole headquarters suffered heavy casualties!
At this time, I saw that Shangwen Heimuzhen had been urgently recruited by the military doctor to deal with the injury. The headquarters had a total of 24 people, and now only 14 or 15 people were alive. Even so, almost everyone was scarred!
Li Jian saw that Shangwen’s shoulders and abdomen had been seriously injured by bullets; Hei Muzhen also got a shot in the headquarters. Two division heads were very unlucky. They were directly killed by subsequent grenades and went to see the staff of Yu Yan. Six only generations of chief of staff Takayama Taro survived, but the handwriting was already bandaged!