The old man laughed. "I’m not deaf either."

Xin Huqiu changed color. "I used to have a brass cymbal suddenly ringing in your ear!" "
The old man laughed. "It’s a pity that your footsteps behind me rang with gongs first."
Xin Huqiu opened her eyes and said, "Who the hell are you?"
The old man slowly looked up and his eyes narrowed into a line and laughed
"Have you heard of Xiao Dongguang, Xiao Jia of Huanhua?"
As soon as he finished this sentence, his eyes were long and his back was strong, and he was like a seven-foot-long god!
At this time, Xiao Xilou, Tang Fang and Xiao Qiushui of the Rain-listening Building have arrived, and even Zhu Xiawu, Zuo Qiu detachment and Deng Yuhan of the Rain-listening Building have heard it.
They saw a servant playing an old man’s conversation in the pavilion, but suddenly they felt a stabbing chill and forced people to kill themselves. Then the hunchbacked old man suddenly said that sentence like a god!
Xiao Dongguang!
Xiao Qiushui looked at his father with excitement and confusion.
Seeing his father’s face look very sad, as if remembering something in the past, he said softly, "Uncle Shiguang is Xiao Dongguang, your uncle who made a name for himself twenty years ago!"
Xiao Dongguang was originally the founder of Huanhua Sword School. Xiao Qiwu was born illegally because of his improper name. Although Xiao Dongguang was older than Xiao Xilou, he was in charge of Xiao Jiashu anonymously.
Xiao Dongguang Sword is a well-known "Gu Song Canque" semi-handle sword, which fully displays the Huanhua swordsmanship and returns it to Xiao West Building.
Xiao Qiwu died when Xiao Dong’s power was growing, and Xiao Xilou was thrown out of the door for marrying Sun Huishan, so there was a dispute between the factions of Huanhua Sword and Waihuan Sword.
In this struggle, Xiao Dongguang did a lot to make up for his mistakes. He slandered Xiao Xilou and refused to let him come back. Xiao Qiwu’s dying wish was to ask Xiao Dongguang, the master of Xiao Xilou’s flower sword school, to destroy the evidence, to kill witnesses and persecute his predecessors, and to commit many heinous crimes. Finally, Sun Huishan of Xiao Xilou finally returned to Xiao’s family and defeated Xiao Dongguang, then spared him without killing Xiao Dongguang. He realized that he had to refuse to listen to death and not restore his identity on that day, and asked Xiao Xilou and his wife never to testify that he was the ruler of that day.
Everyone in the Wulin fought for a battle with the Huanhua Sword Sect, but Xiao Dongguang was killed, only to find that he was still an old servant in the Xiaojia Jianlu who cleaned the old servant every day to alleviate his own sin!
Xiao Dongguang well didn’t die as he heard.
Xiao Dongguang is in front of him.
Xin Huqiu no longer escapes because he knows that he is surrounded; If he wants to kill, the first thing to cross is Xiao Dongguang’s body.
He was relegated to the Xiao family for two years and seven months, but he didn’t know that there were such masters as Xiao Dongguang in Jianlu.
Xiao Dongguang fought against broken arrow’s "Five Swords in the Sky" for three days and three nights 19 years ago. At that time, someone ranked him among the seven famous swords, and Xiao Xiguan unified the outer Huanhua Sword School. After Xiao Dongguang disappeared, Xiao Dongguang’s name was deleted from the seven famous swords
Is Xiao Dongguang’s sword still as sharp after 20 years?
Xinhuqiu slowly pulled out his sword.
His sword was drawn from a cigarette rod.
The blade is flat and short, and the red and black sword feels a sharp murderous look as soon as it is pulled out of the field.
Xinhuqiu sword pointed at Xiao Dongguang’s front and fixed it.
The wind shook the flowers and flew away in front of Xiao Dongguang.
This flat and dull black sword has such magic power.
Xiao Dongguang didn’t even blink when he saw this sword eye.
He knows that the sword light of Xinhuqiu can kill people in the blink of an eye.
In the blink of an eye, you can even kill three tall people.
Xiao Dongguang still laughed and sighed, "The sword fruit of the flat gods is a sharp weapon!"
Xin Huqiu’s eyebrows flashed angrily and said, "Draw your sword!"
Xiao Dongguang didn’t answer. He still holds the broom. "Twenty years ago, you entered the seven famous swords at the same time, and you were satisfied, but you were young enough to find Li Chenzhou to fight to the death. Li Chenzhou helped Wang to be recognized as the first master in Wulin." Here, I had a delicious meal and saw Xin Qiuhu sweating and holding the dagger.
Xiao Dongguang added, "Li Chenzhou didn’t leave anyone alive, but you didn’t die in that battle. I have always been very skeptical about this matter; Later, I learned that you have devoted yourself to help with Kong Yangqin. "
Xin worried about the ups and downs of Qiu’s chest but didn’t speak.
Xiao Dongguang added, "You came to Huanhua Xiao’s house two years ago. I didn’t suspect that you were straight one night three months ago … Do you know how I found out your identity?"
Xin Huqiu couldn’t help shaking his head, but Xiao Dongguang didn’t answer to Xiao Xilou. "I helped people sneak into Xiao’s family three years ago with ulterior motives and foresight. It seems that there are not a few undercover sects in Wulin."
Xiao Dongguang took a long time to connect again. "You couldn’t help sneaking out of the castle three months ago to fight a sword with someone by drinking too much. It happened that I caught you again, and I knew that you were not only undercover, but also one of the’ nine big ten places and nineteen people’ demons!"
Xin Huqiu’s face is blue and white; Xiao Dongguang still laughed. "Li Chenzhou ordered you undercover Xiao Gujiu not to start for a long time, so you can’t help itching, can you? If you want to’ destroy the Excalibur’ and shock the rivers and lakes, how can you maintain the status of’ the seven famous swords of the world’ if you don’t continue to fight in the rivers and lakes? "
-Xin Huqiu wants to gain strength and obey Li Chenzhou; But unwilling to be silent, he secretly sneaked out of the Jianghu with the name of drunkenness.
-but also be Xiao Dongguang look out of the flaw.
-In recent years, Xin Huqiu has become famous and Xiao Dongguang has become increasingly depressed. Isn’t this price paid for by hard work and sweat?
Xin Huqiu didn’t say anything. Xiao Dongguang said, "You beat the swords in the Jianghu, and your success in practicing swords is also based on the fact that you won the flat swords in Huqiu 24 years ago."
Xin Huqiu raised his eyebrows and said, "What is it?"
Xiao Dongguang tunnel word by word, "My sword is called’ Gu Song Canque’, and we can share it equally, and no one can get cheap."
Xiao Dongguang’s nickname "Zhang Ming Jian" passed thirty-six swords in Wulin, and it was only at the end that this one was broken arrow. This broken arrow is "Gu Song Canque"
Xiao Dongguang is a famous sword-maker. He can’t be wrong in judging swords.
Xin Huqiu looked at the indestructible weapon in his palm, but he couldn’t find the indestructible confidence in the past when he was against the enemy.
Xiao Dongguang cold tunnel "more importantly, one more thing …"
Xin Huqiu looked at Xiao Dongguang and gritted his teeth without asking questions. Xiao Dongguang took a deep look at Xin Huqiu and said, "You have never wanted to go out and try your sword for three years; And I haven’t practiced sword for twenty years. "Xiao Dongguang smiled proudly." It’s also twenty years that you are eager to compare swords with me. Twenty years ago, I was ranked among the seven famous swords in the world. Twenty years later, my swordsmanship has been Zhang Linyi. I am 100% sure that I can kill you. Do you have a chance? "
Xin huqiu sweating like rain holding a swordsman quivering with LiHSS way
"Draw your sword and do it!"