Two dogs with a follower, Bai Dongshuang, must be stripped of their skin. They went to the Villa Plaza in Zangyun and turned around, but Sun Qingfeng was not seen. As a result, they found that the guy had gone to Pi two dog to hide the tree. But be careful to drive for ten thousand years and communicate with each other as two trees.

"The boss’s latest information, Dong Gongwu, knows that your son was injured and went into a rage. The old guy immediately went to Prime Minister Mei’s residence to complain that you were extremely dangerous and urged Prime Minister Mei to send special class members to encircle you!" Sun Qingfeng threw a big bang way
"Shrimp? It seems that Li Xiang guessed right. Did the Prime Minister approve it? " Smell speech skin two dog tense up and think about one thousand special teams with heavy weapons, he will be a few stragglers, and it is difficult to have a chance to win. Besides, even if he has 60 thousand Jin of divine power, he can play ten at a time, but it is serious to fight with the special brigade of Sakura. To be bigger is to challenge the state machine of Sakura.
Maybe it will rise to the national level and undermine the friendship between the two countries, which is a great sin.
"Prime minister mei which have so silly? Once the special class members are dispatched, the nature will be serious! The special class is the final finale of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will not approve it until the end! " Sun Qingfeng affirmed
"Well, that’s good!"
"However, Prime Minister Mei has asked the Secret Service to check you for three hours! The boss reported here first today and I have to go! " Sun Qingfeng said a few ups and downs and soon disappeared into the night.
Falling from the tree to the ground, Pi two dog got into the car and Bai Dongshuang was in charge of driving. He just caught fire and saw a rickety old lady. I don’t know where it came out. Pi two dog looked at those eyes and was a little familiar. It was a perspective of the old lady patting the thigh path. "Apricot pear elder sister, your car!"
It turns out that the apricot pear in Judi is easy to hide people’s eyes and ears and become a rickety old lady. As soon as she gets a cat and a car, she is anxious. "The boss palace has a special class with 100 players guarding you. It’s easy to expose yourself. Let me go with you!"
"Apricot pear elder sister Bai Dong cream after I have a ghost is ok! Wang hong Shang and Li Xiang are strengthening people. I didn’t dare to let them go, and you can’t go to the car! " Two dog didn’t discuss the way
See what he said seriously apricot pear face slightly changed way "what? You said that she … is not a person? "
"Sister Dong Shuang is a ghost. She is super powerful. You don’t have to worry!" When it comes to ghosts, two dog is full of pride. Every time he is born and dies, Bai Dong frost has made great contributions.
Two dog really respects Bai Dong cream.
"Isn’t it? Boss, I know that Zangyun’s family has a fine stone demon and ghost. I haven’t seen it yet! " I got nervous when I learned that the beauty driving was a ghost chrysanthemum.
See chrysanthemum apricot pear with a grain of salt skin two dog cheerful way "winter frost elder sister you fly a let her learn?"
"It’s the master!" Bai Dongshuang giggled and smiled. Suddenly, his figure was distorted and a wind floated out of the window.
When I saw the chrysanthemum apricot pear, I looked pale with fear and calmly said, "Boss, I believe you, let her come back!" "
"Sister Apricot Pear is the head of the special information class. You have a good psychological quality when you see a ghost without yelling!" Two dog great satisfaction, his heart said apricot pear elder sister passed the test when the time comes to strengthen her.
"Boss, you are not afraid of me!"
"Well, can you drive?" Pi two dog smilingly said
Chrysanthemum apricot pear gas a nod that car soon disappeared.
Pi two dog recalled Bai Dongshuang to the car and two express trains went straight to the palace.
Chapter 3 night rush
Cherry Blossom Palace is surrounded by water, and it is an island with green trees and ancient trees. Most of them are cherry trees and Millennium cypress moats, which separate the palace from the bustling urban area. Next to it are rows of office buildings, glass walls and colorful palaces, which form a fresh contrast.
Pi two dog and Bai Dongshuang hid the car in a hidden place and let Bai Dongshuang go to the palace to fight.
Before Bai Dongshuang came, she got the map of the palace. She turned a human head into a long hair fluttering along the long bridge on the southeast side and drove straight into the big hand gate and Pingchuan gate. From the North Feather Bridge gate, she came to Changhe Temple and there was a big square in front of the temple. Here is the eye. Dihuang accepted the crowd’s greetings. The classical street lamps in the local square gave off blue lights and rows of cherry blossoms filled the branches.
Bai Dongshuang suddenly realized that it was May, the cherry blossom season.
It was already ten o’clock in the evening, but the old imperial palace library was lit up and saw a 17-year-old girl with long hair studying hard and two accompanying maids waiting for her.
Bai Dongshuang called her head over the Imperial Palace and went straight to the Imperial Palace, which is a palace and a home in Dihuang.
A head floated in from a window and bumped into a maid coming out with foot washing water. The maid saw a woman’s head floating in the hall. She fainted and spilled foot washing water all over the floor, which shocked two maids. Bai Dongshuang also got a fright. Alas, she forgot that she was flying head-first.
Turned into a white winter frost, turned around and went straight to a lighted hall opposite the cherry tree. The hall was an eye. Dihuang saw four guards standing upright at the door of the hall, armed with guns.
At this moment, there was a sudden movement in the cherry blossom forest next to it. White winter frost drifted by to see it. I didn’t know it. I was shocked to see that a piece of turf suddenly lifted up to reveal a hole in the ground. Four guards climbed out of the hole. It seems that when the shift was changed, a ghostly wind went in. White winter frost found that along the hole, there was a long step. At the end of the step, there was a heavy bronze door, which was one meter thick. There were two armed guards in front of it.
This can’t stand the white winter frost. She is now a sinister wind that has crept in unnoticed along the tiny crack of the door.
By the way, before drilling the crack of the door, I played a gun guard. Suddenly, a pair of gun guard pants were stripped off, which scared the guard to wear pants and stare at his companions. He screamed at each other.
Bai Dong Frost drilled into the entrance pocket and saw a long corridor. From the light, you can see that there are rooms on both sides of the corridor. When you go in, you can see that it turned out to be a dormitory for secret service players. Each dormitory has two couches, a sanitary kitchen, and everything is available. The biggest one is a training range. Next door is a gym and a swimming pool.
Roughly counted a barracks, a total of ten special players are muscular bruiser.
Bai Dongshuang took another look at the armory and found that there were all kinds of weapons in the armory, which would be different from a small war if it was fought.
Next to the dormitory is the canteen, where the chef has prepared a hot supper, and five or six team members line up to take their meals by themselves.
Bai Dongshuang played forward this time. In addition to exploring the road, she also had an antiperspirant.
All these players were talking and laughing. Suddenly there was a shout from the kitchen. Several players rushed into the kitchen area as quickly as possible. White winter cream giggled and smiled. She showed human form. She quickly mixed the powder with the players’ supper and drinks, and then disappeared.
Then two guards at the entrance post were knocked out by Bai Dong frost and dragged into the room to be bound.
Soon, the shift was changed, and the four players were also on the same field.
It took Bai Dongshuang half an hour to finally find the two snipers. Unexpectedly, the two snipers actually disguised two turfs and blended harmoniously with the lawn.
Both of them didn’t see who was coming, and soon they were unconscious.
After all the big guards and snipers were settled, Bai Dongshuang ran to the monitoring room and closed the probe along the road to confirm that it was serious and flew out of the palace immediately.
Two small talk in the dark said, "All the special players and guards in the master’s palace fainted for me, and a pair of snipers disguised as lawns made me look for a long time and temporarily lost my ability to act. At this time, Dihuang is still working in his room, and I am familiar with it now. I can take you there!"
"Is there any monitoring?" Pi two dog is careful to drive the ship for ten thousand years.
"Take it off, please rest assured!"
Two dog, who is always at ease in handling Bai Dongshuang’s affairs, suddenly heard this guy say on a whim, "Have you seen a beautiful princess in Sister Winter Frost’s Palace?"
"Princess? I really saw a 17-year-old princess named Taoying. I passed by the old imperial palace library and found the princess looking inside! " Bai dong frost excited way
"Well, when I see Dihuang, are you in charge of getting Princess Taoying out?" When Pi two dog was a child, she felt that the princess of Sakura was as tall as a fairy, but she could only dream of it. Isn’t it white to come here once in a while without making a royal princess?
The two discussed it properly and began to break into the palace at night in the darkness.
The moat long bridge shines brightly from the high-rise buildings next to it, making the long bridge as bright as day. two dog is no better than white winter frost. She can turn into a sinister wind, and people can’t find her. two dog is a human being, and his only way is to teleport.
However, when he was drifting at a rapid speed, he was photographed by several female staff in the office building and night shift. They photographed a shadow that disappeared into the palace gate in their ears.
This video quickly became popular on the Internet, and it was regarded that paranormal caused people to talk about cherry blossoms. Is this another story?
Besides, this guy Pi two dog successfully crossed the moat long bridge, climbed over the wall and broke into the convenient door, which was a great relief. It would be easy to successfully break through the first long bridge.
He turned on the guidance of the white eye and the winter frost, and soon broke into the Palace of Chang Yu.
At this time, Dihuang never dreamed that an outsider would break into the heavily guarded imperial palace.