After a while, Dobo had the answer in his heart and said slowly

"With the further evolution of Jianzu’s testimony, the universe has become more and more stable."
"It is too difficult for Taiyi Jin Xian to move the virtual, and it is also necessary to have Taiyi Jin Xian to complete it."
"All your younger brothers want to come to Jin Ao Island, and the only way is to use the escape technique."
"Then in terms of speed and distance, they go back and forth to Jin Ao Island for hundreds of years."
"Visiting the same door depends on the distance, ranging from years to thousands of years."
"This … this …"
As he spoke, Dobo seemed to understand what the sound was, and it came to an abrupt end.
"Did you find the problem?"
"The master preaches every thousand years, and it takes hundreds of years for all the younger brothers to hurry."
"So when they can? Either practice and give up listening; Either listen to the word and give up practicing. "
"But how can this work?"
"The lack of practice listening will affect the progress of practice."
"This is not desirable!"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine The first send array in the universe
That’s right. Xuanqing said that it was sent to the array by later generations. This is an array that never appeared before the flood.
Later Godsworn’s realm crossed the boundary from low to low … Most Godsworn managed to send troops, so it came into being.
Nowadays, the vast margin of the wilderness is too large. Jin Xian spends all his time and can’t travel all over the wilderness. It is also the end of the law
Many monks in Luo Jinxian can go round and round all their lives, unaware of the vastness of the universe.
At this time, it is a good opportunity to send troops to the battle.
"This is trouble!"
"But since the big brother thought of this, he must have thought of a solution."
"So this is the master elder brother plan?"
When Xuanqing finished, Duo Bao was very cooperative and asked
"Yes, my big plan is this."
Nodded XuanQing is very satisfied with Dobo’s cooperation.
"I’m famous for my interception method. If I call the second person the first."
"So I intend to use my strengths to create an array to distort the virtual and achieve the effect of virtual removal."
"In this way, those younger brothers from Jin Xian and dzogchen who can’t repair Taiyi will not travel long distances to Jin Ao Island."
"If you want to go directly through the array, it can be simple and fast, and you can save a lot of time."
"In addition, if this array can be flooded, I don’t know how many creatures will benefit. It’s all your merit and mine!"
Back to the abode of fairies and immortals Xuanqing explained to Duobao
"It’s far from being a big brother but a stupid brother!"
"It’s admirable to think of such things that benefit hundreds of millions of creatures by cutting off teaching and looking at the whole universe."
"Brother is a great man!
At this time, Dobao was a little excited, and said that he directly worshipped Xuanqing.
"Brother Daen Duobao is unforgettable!"
Xuanqing told him about this method and obviously asked him to share it with him. If this method is successful, he will certainly be able to share some merits.
So his future road can be expected!
Merit is the ticket to the quasi-saint gate. Merit may not be able to become quasi-saint, but merit is sure that the law will become quasi-saint.
Xuanqing’s doing this is tantamount to giving Duobao a chance to prove the truth. Can Duobao not be excited?
"Don’t thank me yet. It’s not certain whether it can be done. It’s too early to thank me!"
See more treasure so happy XuanQing unbearable cold water way
He is not a good man. He has a purpose in everything he does, and now he has a different purpose for Duo Bao, who is so good.